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Mary Donhau Associates

ary Dhonau Associates (MDA) is a specialist independent flood resilience consultancy working to raise local flood awareness by advising and assisting on flood prevention and resilience.

If your home or business is at risk of flooding, then we can help you to plan and prepare so that the dreadful impacts of flooding will be dramatically reduced.

About Mary Dhonau OBE Hon DSc Hon RICS Hon FCIWEM

Having suffered the appalling consequences of being flooded myself on many occasions, I have made it my mission in life to raise the awareness of flood risk and to support those at risk in their preparation for being flooded. A bit of thought and preparation before a flood, could help to reduce the horrible impact that being flooded has on individuals, families and businesses.
Planning ahead breaks down into 4 sections:-

1) Find out if you are at risk of being flooded by clicking this link, this will take you to the Flood section of the Environment Agency's website. This is an interactive map and will give you the level of risk your home or business face from being flooded. For more detailed and essential information about flood searches, please look under 'useful links'
2) If you are at risk of being flooded then it is essential that you sign up for a FREE Environment Agency Flood Warning via the Environment Agency website by clicking here or by ringing 0845 988 1188.
3) Prepare a ‘Flood Plan’ specific to the needs of your family or business. (More details under ‘information’.)
4) Think about how you can minimise any damage by purchasing appropriate flood protection products in advance. (More details under ‘information’.)

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