Getting the industry together
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Face to face cannot and will not be replaced any time soon. 

Participating in the Watwerways Management Show is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products and services, in front of a ready filtered audience of users and buyers, with responsibility for maintaining rivers, canals, lakes and other inland bodies of water. 

Not only is this important for the immediate environment, flora and fauna, but is a vital aspect of  maintain water level management and natural floor prevention, especially in the lowland areas of the UK.

You will be able to promote your company above competitors and win over those possibly looking for new suppliers and meet current and old customers in a neutral and relaxed atmosphere, a place that will focus the industry for two days, giving you a fantastic opportunity to generate sales leads, network with peers and key industry players.

Running alongside Floodex and the National Drainage Show, this creates a constellation of events that contributes to the holistic approach in managing water levels, using sustainable flood control and drainage systems, along with the management of hard surface water run off and wastewater management.

Exhibitor Overview

The show includes products and services used in, but not limited to:

• Dredgers & Dredging 
• Grass Cutting 
• Bankside Tree & Shrub Management 
• Weed & Reed Management 
• Culverts 
• Dams & Weirs 
• Locks 
• SuDS 
• Environmental Management 
• Quality Testing 
• Software 
• Hydrology 
• Boat Traffic & Marina Management 
• De-silting 
ª Real Estate & Land Management 
• Restoration & Repair Services 
• Irrigation 
• Contamination

Who should visit?

If you work in any of these areas you could benefit from a visit to the Waterways Management Show. With such a wide range of products, services, CPD accredited presentations, panel discussions and networking opportunities, you could cover months or research and information gathering in just one or two days; saving you valuable time, money and effort.

• Internal Drainage Board 
• Inland Waterways Management 
• Local Flood Authority 
• Land & Estates Management 
• Agriculture & Farming 
• Civil or Structural Engineering 
• Highways 
• Facility Management 
• National Agency 
• Water Authority 
• Agriculture 
• Environmental Management 
• Central Government
• Councils (Local, District & County) 
• Parish Council

Exhibition T&Cs

Please click on the PDF icon to download our Terms & Conditions.

Feel free to contact us for any clarifications or have any questions relating to this. If you have signed a booking form for the Show, you have agreed to these terms.

What does this fantastic show offer?

More Promotion

More promotion in terms of the amount of investment and reach, by teaming up with media partners and trade associations.

Recent, important partnerships with fantastic access to our target audience, a bigger spend in print media, along with huge investment in clean data

More industry input

We work closely with the whole of the industry:- exhibitors, visitors, online and offline media and every possible trade association to create an event that truly reflects the industry and delivers a worthwhile, dedicated trade show.

More opportunities

Meet and do business with decision makers from your target areas and give you access to a wider range of valuable contacts. Exhibitors are given the opportunity to reach out to companies which may not have been considered as a main target area for business but could benefit regardless.

This exciting event really does offer MORE than anything that has gone before.

More Exhibitors from across the whole of the industry, as well as a big crossover in visitors already attending our other 2 co-located shows which is supported by a wide range of organizations, including:

• Rivers Trust
• Drain Trader Magazine
• National Association of    
Drainage Contractors
• Inland Waterways Assoc
• SWIG – Sensors for Water Interest Group

• Environment Agency
• Water Briefing
• UK Rainwater Management Association
• National Sewage Association
• Pipeline Industries Guild


Space only stand – £379 per sq. m. 

Shell scheme stand – £426 per sq. m. + 10% for corner stands.

Shell scheme stands include:
* Wall Panels
* Fascia
* Name Board
* Carpet
* Table & Chairs

Basic electrical package – £319. This includes:
* Power Supply
* 500W Socket
* Spotlights

All Exhibitors get a listing on the website with live links, contact details and company profile.

Exhibition T&Cs

Please click on the PDF icon to download our Terms & Conditions.

Feel free to contact us for any clarifications or have any questions relating to this. If you have signed a booking form for the Show, you have agreed to these terms.


2023 Floor plan will be posted nearer the time

If you would like any more information or want to book stand, then please contact Jon Irwin on 07748 150004 .


List of exhibitors across the event so far.

Exhibiting Company Name
Stand No.